Friday Movie

But first, an announcement.

I’ll be replying to your comments, in the comments. Since I’m doing this on my iPad, it’s easier than emailing separately…unless I have a lot to say…in which case, disregard this announcement.

And now


Because catching Wes on film is like herding…well…cats, I had to take a movie on my ipad of a Vine movie ON my phone, taken WITH my phone.

It’s all very technical (not) and complex (even less) but I couldn’t think of a better way (that involved more than 5 minutes of time).

Sundance Film Festival, here I come!

And to finish it off – a Wes Pretzel In A Box


To sum it up –

1 – I bought Wes a Kickeroo
2 – He had just as much fun with the box, since it smelled like catnip
3 – And then he collapsed in a stoned heap

Next week, you’ll have the popcorn, Junior Mints & Twizzlers nearby.