…Like A Lamb

I believe this is March, going out like a lamb*.


What is this fascination with clouds? They’re so beautiful, whether they’re well behaved or threatening to storm.

Stay puffy, clouds. Stay puffy.

*For the young ‘uns, that’s part of a saying. “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”
Look it up on The Google.


When the alarm clock goes off at 4am, usually I roll over and go back to sleep.

Sunday, I couldn’t fall asleep so I grabbed my phone and

– checked the weather for home, Georgia (Stitches South isn’t very far off), the town where Tom works and Vegas (a gal can dream),

– caught up on all of the E entertainment news and local news (which usually consists of the same 5 stories, for a week),

– checked Instagram and caught up on ALL of Twitter. You can do this at 4am because hardly anyone in the US is tweeting and I guess I don’t follow enough people who live overseas.

Ah, the wonders of a smartphone. It’s smart but it can’t help me sleep

Then I realized we were supposed to have another snowstorm and my car was low on gas – not that I actually go anywhere during a snowstorm but one needs to be prepared.

By 6:55 I had filled up with gas (ha ha!) and gone to the grocery store for Lactaid. We really were out of it. I don’t stock up for a one-day storm.

Except for gas. *blink blink*

I also learned that Panera doesn’t open the cafe until 7:30am but they open the drive-thru at 7, on a Sunday. Also? There’s no prize for being the first customer at the drive-thru, other than the knowledge that I was there a full hour before I usually wake up.

Your reward for getting thru this whole post?

A beautiful sunrise over the Wegmans parking lot.

p.s. We never did get more than a wet snow/rain that didn’t stick.