Sunday Flowers

He bought me flowers, and we commenced taking pictures of them. Maybe the long Winter has us starved for color. I’m just happy to have a picture* of something other than Wes.

Carnation. Taken with my phone, using an Olloclip 15X macro
Gerbera Daisy. Taken with my phone. No special lens, and the 10X and 15X Olloclip. Pretty red!!
I needed a vase, and he went into the garage (Memories Central) and came back in with this beautiful pitcher. It was my Grandmother’s.
Sneaked some pix of him taking pix

Happy Spring!

*Sometimes I’ll use InstaGram pictures. I’ll notate it in my Categories but 9 times out of 10, I’ll have posted it there before here.  Exciting intel. That’s my forté.

I Always Knew…

Wes would be famous.

I put this photo up on Twitter and Instagram and within seconds...minutes...less than an hour...

Kate* asked if she could pet my monkey – I’m assuming she meant that in a NOT dirty way  – and

Deb converted it into this

THAT’s how we have fun with the internet, people!


*That’s Kate, modeling her Autumn Waves shawl. I’ve seen that shawl in person and it’s beautiful!

I Am Not Alone

With all of the stress that I’ve been going thru, I know I’m not alone.

I’ve got Tom and he’s been my rock. Sometimes I think he says things just to keep my “crazy” away but still…a rock.

I’ve got Twitter friends, G+ friends, blog friends, IRL friends, crossover friends. Friends that I text every day, some that I see in video chats, some that email but I know they’re out there.

With all of those people, I’m still sitting by myself in a hotel room (with a fridge full of Cheesecake Factory cake)  and trying to come up with a blog post. I took a “thermal” photo, using Photo Booth and see that I’m NOT alone.

And I’m going to think of that glowing spot over my right shoulder*…as my Mom.

I’m not sharing my Cheesecake Factory cake with her, tho.


*Yes, it’s my right shoulder but the camera flipped it.

Don’t Blink*

I’ve got to stop having good days.

I started out at the Chiropractor and it went well. The usual whining from me and “What? What happened?” from her. She always knows why I’m whining but it’s not like she’s the one that’s caused the pain that she’s trying to fix. We laugh a lot there, if you can believe it.

Then I went off to get new sunglasses. My old ones, I found out, were made in 2002. I love them so much that even tho the lenses started to pop out and, finally, the metal frame itself broke, Tom still kept fixing them for me. At this point there’s so much glue on one of the lenses it’s starting to get kind of hazy when I’m outside.

Tom met me at Lenscrafters (glasses in one hour, people!) and we went to lunch at Cosi. Then he left me to wander LLBean until my timer went off.

Fun times, all around. See, I think that’s where my problem starts.  Every time I’m enjoying my day I get a call from

My brother: “The  Nursing Home called and …”


The paralegal: “Remember that deposit we spoke about 3 months ago? What was it for?”


The Nursing Home: “Hi! Just wanted to tell you your Dad will no longer be covered by Medicare and you’ll have to pay his full bill.”


My brother again: “The Nursing Home called and Dad fell again.”

These things put me into a tailspin and I can’t seem to get away from my own thoughts. Every time I close my eyes, something creeps nearer.

Almost Weeping Angel*

*fellow Whovians will get the reference