Talk About Labor (Day)

…or, How I Spent My Weekend.

Saturday, we went to Sears to find a tool chest for my growing stitch marker supplies. We ended up with a stacked set which is, for now, living in my den.

It took me 4.5 hours to fill it up…running from room to room, grabbing armfuls of labels, bags, cards, notecards…I’d spread everything out quite a bit. Even if I could come up with some sort of camouflage, it’s still too big to sit where it is.

Here are a few of the drawers.



Ten drawers and they’re all full!

The rest of the weekend was spent working on two custom orders. One was for a friend’s Blogiversary giveaway – not saying who they’re for, tho.

And an order that’s going to an actual yarn store. I’m very excited about this and I hope they sell well!

20120903-234204.jpgMore info on that, once they’re at the store.

Packing, invoicing, fighting with the Click and Ship website – that was today.

I also had someone make me a logo which sucked away a good 6 hours of my time – playing with the colors and size. The photo at the top is just a peek.

I’ve got a lot of old* Moo and mini-Moo cards to use up so I still have time to work on the layout for new business cards, Thank You notes, stationery, labels…

Wes was unimpressed.

How was your weekend?

*less than 6 months old