Finally Planted

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Even tho I bought seeds for everything, the weather kept us Tom from clearing and amending the beds. A few trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s and now there are actual plants, along with seeds.

I know that they look like bins of dirt but soon – fingers crossed – they’ll start taking off.

Blooming. Sprouting. It’s going to get exciting, trust me!

The only excitement that I don’t want is having another run-in with a groundhog. Yesterday the baby – yes, we have a mother and baby living under our deck – was in the garden. I didn’t want to scare it but it didn’t understand me telling it that the gate was open. At least I found out where the wire was loose enough for it to wriggle out.

So, here are the beds…

Bed B Bed C Bed D

The Rocky Cucumbers are from seed.

Bed E

All of Bed E is from seed.

Bed F

All of Bed F is from seed.

Bed G Bed H Bed I