Sunday Flowers

He bought me flowers, and we commenced taking pictures of them. Maybe the long Winter has us starved for color. I’m just happy to have a picture* of something other than Wes.

Carnation. Taken with my phone, using an Olloclip 15X macro
Gerbera Daisy. Taken with my phone. No special lens, and the 10X and 15X Olloclip. Pretty red!!
I needed a vase, and he went into the garage (Memories Central) and came back in with this beautiful pitcher. It was my Grandmother’s.
Sneaked some pix of him taking pix

Happy Spring!

*Sometimes I’ll use InstaGram pictures. I’ll notate it in my Categories but 9 times out of 10, I’ll have posted it there before here.  Exciting intel. That’s my forté.

Finally Planted

Garden All
Whole Garden Overview

Even tho I bought seeds for everything, the weather kept us Tom from clearing and amending the beds. A few trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s and now there are actual plants, along with seeds.

I know that they look like bins of dirt but soon – fingers crossed – they’ll start taking off.

Blooming. Sprouting. It’s going to get exciting, trust me!

The only excitement that I don’t want is having another run-in with a groundhog. Yesterday the baby – yes, we have a mother and baby living under our deck – was in the garden. I didn’t want to scare it but it didn’t understand me telling it that the gate was open. At least I found out where the wire was loose enough for it to wriggle out.

So, here are the beds…

Bed B Bed C Bed D

The Rocky Cucumbers are from seed.

Bed E

All of Bed E is from seed.

Bed F

All of Bed F is from seed.

Bed G Bed H Bed I