Another Plug

Just spend the morning doing a big update on my shop.

Sparklies for all.

15 minutes left on laptop battery.

Spent yesterday fighting with a tripod, failing at making a grilled cheese (it IS possible!), doing laundry, dishes, cleaning house (yeah, that’s just a blatant lie) and taking so many photo’s of markers that my left eye was blurry for hours. Wish I could find someone to teach me how to take crystal clear (ha!) pictures of the crystal.

Life in the fast lane.  I’m there.


I just spent 8 hours taking photographs and doing an update to my Etsy shoppe.  I even booked a Knitting Showcase for Saturday.

I consider that blog-worthy.

Sunday is WWKIP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day, for the non-knitter folk).  It will be the first time in a few weeks that I’ll be knitting.  I’m looking forward to a few hours of “me” time, as well as being able to see Susan (gotta wind her yarn!) and, hopefully, Jane.

Look for a Flip video next week.  Maybe I’ll even remember people’s names, this year.

Sending good weekend wishes to everyone.

Oh My Aching Butt

I did a big update on my Etsy shop, yesterday.  For almost 3 hours I sat on one of those little 3 legged “milking” stools, hence the aching butt.

Here are just a few of the new sets –


Siam & Crystal
Siam & Crystal


Glass coffee beans and light topaz
Glass coffee beans (I couldn't resist these) & Light Topaz


Crystal with Lilac
Crystal & Lilac