Love Being 21

Tom took off from work for my birthday week. The weather was pretty rotten (always cold, sometimes it rained) but we had fun.We did some decluttering in the garage, went to the casino, ate out, took a trip to Hershey. We had wanted to go to the Hershey Gardens, and the driving range at the golf course but the winds were blowing at about 35mph and it felt like it was 42º, so that was out.

Someone said I was going to love being 21 and I agree. I enjoy it every year!

I hurt my left hand while doing the big shop update (my thumb*, to be exact). I’m making good use of the chiropractor and am becoming very close with a bowl of ice water.

Fingers Cubed

Once an hour, I get to plunge my hand in and hold it there until it goes as numb as my toes when I put on heels.

This won’t stop me & Jane from going to Maryland Sheep & Wool. I have a very special person to meet, since I was too sick to make our March rendezvous.

My knitting is next to me


and I may try to do a few rounds after my next polar plunge. It’s going to be this shrug. Knitting didn’t cause the injury – tho it probably didn’t help.

Knittas gotta knit!

*Go on and click. It’s just a drawing. No icky picture of the actual muscle.

Another Plug

Just spend the morning doing a big update on my shop.

Sparklies for all.

15 minutes left on laptop battery.

Spent yesterday fighting with a tripod, failing at making a grilled cheese (it IS possible!), doing laundry, dishes, cleaning house (yeah, that’s just a blatant lie) and taking so many photo’s of markers that my left eye was blurry for hours. Wish I could find someone to teach me how to take crystal clear (ha!) pictures of the crystal.

Life in the fast lane.  I’m there.


I just spent 8 hours taking photographs and doing an update to my Etsy shoppe.  I even booked a Knitting Showcase for Saturday.

I consider that blog-worthy.

Sunday is WWKIP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day, for the non-knitter folk).  It will be the first time in a few weeks that I’ll be knitting.  I’m looking forward to a few hours of “me” time, as well as being able to see Susan (gotta wind her yarn!) and, hopefully, Jane.

Look for a Flip video next week.  Maybe I’ll even remember people’s names, this year.

Sending good weekend wishes to everyone.